SkySlope™ is the smart Real Estate Transaction Management System that helps you save your transaction files online and save you valuable time and money.

SkySlope™ is an auditor’s dream come true. It takes seconds to access a transaction file and review the documents. No need to search for old files in warehouses. As a broker, you save the high cost of physical space occupied by transaction files and the time it takes to access them. With online filing and archiving, you can relax because with a single click, SkySlope™ preserves all correspondence activities and documentation that can be produced as evidence in case of a litigation. As an agent, it allows you to stay organized and you can be sitting at home and getting your checks in time by completing your documentation via fax or email or scanned documents.

SkySlope™ is simple to use and designed especially for the “not-so-technical” person. Plus, it helps you establish a green office.

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